Soupçon de Magie

"A universe of love and passion for Life."

I welcome you to our online store which is being created, a little more patience!

In the world we want to invite you to, we want you to discover articles filled with love, passion, positive energy and kindness.
Indeed, craftsmanship represents all of this at the same time thanks to their creators who give all their love in the development of their creations and who have a mad desire to please you and even to make you smile. Whether with a jewel, a stone, a soft toy, a candle, a wooden box, a key ring or any other decorative object, which will give a little touch of magic.
Because we respect our partner craftsmen and their work, you will soon be able to find their descriptions and their creations in one click on our site since a “Par Craftsman” category has offered you.

I (Aurore SEGUIN) created this micro-enterprise with all my benevolence, and with a very precise idea where today it materializes.

The link between all objects is energy, I make sure that 75% of the products that will be presented to you have an energy effect to accompany and support you on your personal development but also your spiritual development. Thus objects and jewelry have a double meaning and utility hence Suspicion of Magic because it is really what we integrated inside during their creation. Whether through lithotherapy or anchored energy and energy programming via colors, sacred symbols etc ... (I am an energetician and medium in my second branch of activity), energy will circulate for bring you what you need. But of course you can simply fall for their aesthetics.

I wish you a good journey in my universe, may you find the object of your heart.